Europe allocates 4 million euro for palliative care


The European Union has set aside four million euros under the Seventh Framework programme to improve and coordinate research into palliative care via the EUROIMPACT project. It is highly exceptional that this research area captures a grant of such magnitude. EUROIMPACT stands for European Intersectorial and Multidisciplinary Palliative Care Research Training.

EUROIMPACT will train 12 junior and 4 experienced researchers from a wide range of EU countries in studying palliative care and its quality in Europe and identify tools to improve it. EUROIMPACT involves 6 universities/research institutes in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway and Italy, all at the forefront of palliative care research training representing a wide spectrum of disciplines and professions. The project will collaborate with several European organisations in palliative care and geriatrics. Professor Luc Deliens of the End-of-Life Care Research Group of the University of Ghent and Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium is coordinating the project, with Professor Lieve Van den Block.

‘This is an unprecedented investment in palliative care and reflects the dramatic increase in the aging population which Europe will see in the next few years’ said Prof Deliens. ‘EUROIMPACT will bridge the gap between individual research institutes, multiple disciplines and different sectors and enhance cross-fertilization of currently fragmented research activities leading to a reduction of fragmentation on a topic of great EU relevance. As a result, the basis for the further development of an EU platform for palliative care PhD research training will be built and the international mobility of palliative care researchers across Europe will be increased’, he said.

The programme will end in 2014. This was announced at the start of the first training days in Brussels today Friday July 8. 

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